Thought of the day (late into the night)…

I was FREEZING last night in bed…But was too lazy (or tired) to get up and put some flannel PJ pants on…and I knew if I got out of bed I would be even more cold until I found the pants in the dark, put them on, and got back into bed…that sounded like too much cold work to me at the time.  So I lay there crowding my husband trying to get him to share his warmth.  Here was a thought I had while trying to fall asleep and trying to get warm.

First thought…I am rarely that cold…it must be the now 7 pounds I have lost!  Second thought…When the twins were in the NICU…they HAD to be kept warm in the isolette. Their little bodies struggled to regulate their body temperature…and also trying to keep warm burned calories and with the babies being so small in the first place burning too many calories was a bad thing…all we wanted them to do it Eat and Grow.  So my thought was…if I turn the heat off in my house and rely on my body to keep me warm will I lose weight from burning calories trying to keep warm?

Oh my the strange thoughts that come to you while you are lying in bed trying to sleep.  HA!


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