Random Thoughts on Cleaning…

I am holding one of my semi-annual open houses for my Scentsy business this weekend and while cleaning in preparation for the event….I have had a few thoughts.

  • It is AMAZING how much dirtier, cluttered, and overall out of control your house seems to be the minute you realized people are coming over.
  • Scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees is so much harder when there is a toddler trying to climb on your back to go for a ride.
  • I use an VERY thrifty, but excellent mix of apple cider vinegar and pure ammonia to scrub my floors.  I love it, it dries quickly, cleans well, and leaves a great shine…the only down side is while I am on all four scrubbing I am gagging the whole way from the overwhelming smell.
  • Scrubbing my floor five days before the event is just asking for it.  It is just testing fate…and I usually fail when up against fate.

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