What PTC Means to Me…

I was recently asked to contribute a write up for the upcoming five year anniversary of the opening of Pediatric Therapy Center.  I kind of love that place so I was super excited and honored that they asked me to be involved in this.  For those of you who are not aware, PTC is the beneficiary of Rowan’s Warmth.  Here is what I submitted.

I cannot imagine what our ten months with Rowan would have been like without the support of the caring, knowledgeable staff and the skills that PTC provided us.  Though I cannot speak for Rowan and Hayden, I can tell you it would have been a much harder road for me.

Every parent looks for ways to help their child learn and grow…with Rowan I administered meds and feedings, ordered meds, supplies, and oxygen tanks, documented seizures, took him to and from appointments, checked his vitals, and pretty much felt like I was simply there to keep him alive.  PTC changed all of that for me.  Being at PTC was an amazing breath of fresh air in the middle of a very suffocating routine.

From our first appointment at PTC it felt different than any of the other gazillion appointments we had gone to prior.  We were treated like people, not patients.  I know what a difficult, somewhat hopeless case Rowan was, as we later learned how degenerative his seizures were…but at the time I had every hope in the world that he would gain the skills he needed to be able to enjoy life to his potential.  The staff at PTC never once made this goal feel impossible.  They cheered him on just as much as I did.  It was refreshing to be around others who hoped and believed he could do more…the staff at PTC seemed to be just as involved in his success as I was.  It was quite an unexpected comforting feeling.  At PTC I was allowed to be proud of my son…while elsewhere I was always reminded of his downfalls.

Twice a week I looked forward to our PTC appointments as it was just as much therapy for me as it was for my babies.  And now whenever we return to PTC, I feel closer to Rowan than anywhere else on earth.  There I felt hope & pride for him…and being at PTC helps remind me that he was so much more than the overwhelming routine that surrounded him.   I see other children and their mamas there getting the help I did and I am overjoyed for them. There will never be a way to pay back what PTC has done for me and my little ones, but I will continue to try.



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