Here I go…

I am feeling a change, a really nice, cleansing change.  The kind of change that comes around a few times a year…if that.  This is that change where the clouds go away and the grass turns green, and all that you can feel is the warmth of the sun on your skin.  This is exactly what I need.  I need a wonderfully simple change to clear my mind of the grimy dust and the thick clouds that the past year has left.  I am really hoping this change permeates through my brain and leaves a lasting effect.

This warmer sunnier weather has opened my mind and eyes…to brighter days ahead.  It is helping me regain my confidence.  I can handle life…every damn day of it.  I will get what I want out of life…I am not afraid of putting in the hard work.  I have never been one to settle…I have always needed to try my hardest and make it what I want…why stop now.  Wait and see…this Kitchen Dancer will be dancing right up to and over this hill.  Here I go.


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