Just Another Check off My To Do List…

I have been trying to find a time to get groceries without children for over a week.  With Husband either at work or at school, there is very little time to accomplish anything without children.  And it’s not even that I don’t want to bring the kids shopping, it is that once I have two kids in a cart there is no more room for food.

This morning though we hit our breaking point.  I had NOTHING to feed the children for breakfast.  No oatmeal. No cereal. No bread. No fruit. No eggs.  I did not even have a few graham crackers to throw at them.  They ended up with some packaged cheese crackers that were given to them for Valentine’s Day from their great aunt. Neither one of them ate their award winning meal.

But whatever…a lot of times they don’t eat even when I do have food to feed them.  So they played while I drank my last K-cup of coffee and checked my emails, facebook, etc.  I had been waiting for a response that may have made my week a lot less sucky.  Did you know when you have zero emails in your gmail inbox the whole screen then proceeds to point and laugh at you.  Ok not really, but there is a line of text that says, “No New Mail!”   Like I am supposed to be super excited at how completely lame I am.

When I finally realized there is yet another meal I have no food for looming in the near future, I dress the kids and myself.   The word “dress” maybe overstating it a bit.  The kids look like kids…I look like death just rolled out of bed….with a bad week comes bad hair and bad skin.

I throw the kids in the car with my scribbled shopping list in hand.  I could have saved time and just wrote, “Buy everything….we are out of Everything!”, but alas I am a list person so off we went.  Still not knowing how I was going to get everything on that list in a cart that already had two kids in it.

Upon arrival at the store I found one of those awesome two-seater race car carts…I thought this was the answer to my “too many kids not enough space” dilemma.  It wasn’t, but I didn’t know that yet.


The kids LOVE those steering wheels on the carts.  The kids still seem to think they actually run the cart.  Either my kids are very unintelligent or they have a great imaginations.  We will go with the latter.

So we began filling the cart in the produce department by the time we had gotten through three isles I realized the downfall of the racecar carts….Their awesomeness does not make up for their lack of space for food.  In the middle of the frozen foods my cart of food pretty much imploded.  All the while Hayden was very vocally telling me and all those around us that we have too much food and there is no more room for all of it!  I got the stink-eye from a nearby shopper when I said to Hayden, “We have too much food because you eat too much!”


As we made our way through the remaining isles, I began to realize that the whole time we have been in the store other customers were smiling at us and making comments about me having my hands full.  At first I thought nothing of it…my kids are cute they always get smiled at….having two of them in one of those carts packed to the brim is a sight to see, but not rare I am sure.  The kids had really been pretty well behaved so I started to think all the comments were weird.

It wasn’t until we stopped for yogurt samples in the dairy isle that I saw what everyone had been smiling at.  Rylan had blue and green marker all over his face, hands, and arms!  How on earth could I have missed this when putting him in the car and then yet again in the cart?  I guess I was more than a little distracted…I was mommy in auto-pilot. I can not tell you how many of those little cups of yogurt my kids mooched from the cute little old yogurt sample lady…but I can tell you I felt horrible when she saw me reach for the cheapo store brand instead of her fancy too-expensive-for-my-kids Greek yogurt.

We finally made our way to the checkout line…I love it when you have a cart bursting at the seams and two small children about to detonate and the cashier asks, “How you are doing today?”  I never know how politely censored I should answer.  On one hand I don’t want to look like a crazy lady, but on the other hand…this cashier is the first person to ask me how I am doing in weeks and will probably be the last adult contact I have for the next 5 or so hours.  I really want to pull up a chair and just pour my heart out to her.  But I don’t.  I hold it together.  And roll my caravan of food and offspring out the door.  At least coffee was on sale, so I guess there is that.  Take that universe, take that!




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