Things I’ve learned while Weeding my Garden

I was outside completely terrified, hiding from my children, happily weeding my garden in the sunshine the other day and as per usual many strange, but truthful thoughts came into my head.  The following is a list of things that I learned while weeding my garden.

1. My children’s screams from inside the house can be heard a long ways away. I need to shut the windows before CPS is called.

2. Humans really need a little bit, ok maybe a lot, of whatever dogs have.  We have lived in our house for five years now and the dogs in our neighborhood STILL chase each other up and down the fence line with the same foaming at the mouth intensity that they did on our first day in the house.  You would think after five years, they’d just bark, “Hey.” at each other.  These dogs give it their all EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Man if my marriage had that kind of never ending intensity…I sure as hell wouldn’t be sitting here blogging  this would be a whole different kind of blog post. 😉

3. I am a much better gardener in May & June when it is still exciting to watch your plants grow and it is not so God-blessed hot outside.  Because of my complete lack on interest of seeing sunlight when the temperature is over 90, my garden sucks from about July 1st on.

4. My children can find me no matter where I hide…even if I am outside well hidden in the jungle that is my garden.  Note to self: pick up supplies to build a back yard bunker…I need a better hiding place.

A Completely Accurate Photo of My Garden: