Healthy Food Ideas

Breakfast food ideas:

  • Coffee (with or without fat free creamer)
  • Greek yogurt…Dannon Fit & light is only 80 calories a cup
  • chocolate protein shake made with skim milk with added flax meal…sometimes I also add a banana or frozen raspberries of strawberries to this.
  • raw almonds-unsalted I pretty much eat these here and there all day.
  • plain shredded wheat with milk and a tbs of brown sugar warmed up in the microwave
  • oatmeal(not the packets…they are full of sugar) made with water/ with a tbs of brown sugar.


  • grilled chicken breast seasoned with garlic, or a WILD TREE blend (I LOVE the Scampi Blend)
  • Sauteed chicken breast in extra virgin olive oil and chopped garlic.  I will cook broccoli the same way in the same pan after the chicken is cooked through of course.
  • I do the aforementioned protein shake for lunch quite often also.
  • Healthy Choice Lunch Express creamy Tomato Basil Penne – this is not one of those scary tv dinners of goo.  It it one of those that you boil the pasta in the microwave and then add the provided sauce.  I love Italian and I get my carb fix all for 250 calories.  It is really good and I found them on sale!
  • Whole wheat pasta of any sort…and the Wild Tree Hearty Spaghetti Blend with a can of crushed tomatoes.  Making my sauce with the wild tree blend and crushed tomatoes makes it a VERY low calorie sauce…not usually the case with most jar sauces.
  • lean turkey on whole wheat bread with mayo made from olive oil.
  • Most the time I eat what I am serving my family at the evening meal…I just watch my portions very closely…and keep track of the calories of all of it.  That is the beauty of the working out…it can cancel out some of those yummy, can’t pass up meals.


  • a cup of raw broccoli, cauliflower and/or carrots.
  • raisins
  • banana
  • raw unsalted almonds
  • Special K whole grain crackers
  • Special K sour cream & onion cracker chips
  • Weight watchers ice cream cup
  • Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Greek Yogurt…I only eat 1/4 of the pint at a time.
  • mini m&m’s  I grab a hand full and each one at a time…it makes it feel like I am eating more than what I am, I guess.
  • 3 Hershey’s kisses
  • Colby jack cheese sticks
  • Carbonated flavored water-0 calories.



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